The New, Fast and Easy Way to Find the Resources You Need!

When youth leave the foster care system, they’ve been handed a thick folder filled with agencies and acronyms that might be helpful as they navigate their path to self-sufficiency.  But they’ve also been frustrated by the task of sifting through all the names and numbers to find the right fit for their needs in a haystack of possibilities that all too often lead to dead ends and frustration.

Just in Time understands that a resource might as well not exist if you can’t find it. The latest research shows that many transitioning foster youth are not connecting to essential opportunities for assistance in crucial areas like education, housing, employment and finances.

That’s why we’ve created JIT Connect.


Working with the San Diego Futures Foundation and a committee comprised of former and current JIT participants, JIT began developing a simple solution– creating a website that would be interactive, accessible, and easy to navigate/connect with the different resources.  It provides an intuitive search tool that will ask specific questions (such as type of resource, age, gender, zip code, distance, etc.) and then generate the exact type(s) of resources a youth is looking for – saving them time and stress of having to search tirelessly through multiple search engines.

photo JIT ConnectMost importantly, every resource posted on the interactive platform will be referred, and/or vetted by JIT’s staff, volunteers, and community partners.  Whether it’s a storage facility, repair shop, or transitional living program, each resource will be continuously verified and updated, which will ensure youth are connected with organizations that are reliable, legitimate, and have their best interest in mind.

Eventually, the site will also include instructional videos that provide tips and advice on topics such as money management, what documents to keep handy, the difference between transitional housing programs, and how to apply for financial aid and different types of scholarships for former foster youth.

Youth pic

This new searchable resource website is an interactive and easy to navigate platform that will improve access to essential resources and critical connections across San Diego County for a more effective transition for youth moving from foster care to self-sufficiency. It also empowers them to build their own digital community by inviting them to take ownership of the site by evaluating and recommending resources to their peers as well as sharing news and information about new policies and initiatives that impact the lives of foster youth.

JIT thanks our visionary partners – the Junior League of San Diego and the San Diego County Board of Supervisors – who helped make this major leap possible so that more youth have easy access to the critical resources they need.