Bridges To Success

Join the B2S Band of Brothers in an environment of success to become the confident, capable, connected Man you want to be!

“Builders” have the opportunity to connect on a regular basis with a consistent group of committed male volunteer “Champions” in non-judgmental workshops and informal gatherings that create a supportive community, offer practical tools to accomplish personal goals, and develop lasting leadership skills.

Bridges to Success is a powerful brotherhood of trust, helping young men transition from limiting beliefs and behavior to mutual accountability and effective action that helps them achieve their dreams.


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How It Works

Application: JIT relies on referrals on staff and trusted sources, including youth participants, partners and collaborating agencies to recommend young men who are ready to make the commitment to a 10 month program with monthly meetings. Potential participants must complete an online survey to establish their current status and also participate in individual interviews with the JIT staff, Bridges volunteers and former participants to clarify program goals and expectations. For each Bridges cohort, 15-20 young men are selected to participate.

Goals: The program is designed to provide “bridges” to provide consistent, individualized positive guidance and support to encourage transitioning young men to become thriving members of a community, including:

  • Attract youth in the system to a “bridge” of resources available during transition
  • Guide youth to achieve their self-identified SMART goals in the areas of employment, education, relationships, and other objectives that lead to self-sufficiency and well being.
  • Assist youth in valuing family relationships and making effective decisions regarding children.
  • Afford youth the opportunity and tools to expand their personal and professional horizons, through sponsored entertainment, travel, and cultural enrichment.
  • Provide youth the necessary assistance to realize their potential as men.

Planned Program Schedule & Requirements: Both program participants and Bridges champions are required to honor a commitment for consistent participation.

Evaluation. Success in the program will be tracked and reviewed based on:

Positive Connections: 90% of participants who complete the program will report a minimum of three new consistent connections that support their goals; 90% will report more and deeper trusting, relationships with peers and adults

Improved Relationship Skills: 90% of participants who complete the program will demonstrate improved interpersonal communication skills, conflict resolution skills and satisfaction in personal relationships

Self-Sufficiency: 100% of participants will participate in at least two other activities/programs; 90% of participants who complete the program will significantly increase scores in critical areas identified at program start (Housing, Finances, Employment, Education)

Personal SMART Goals: 90% of participants who complete the program will achieve agreed upon personalized objectives set with Champions and supported by peers; 90% will demonstrate clearer articulation of personal goals and aspirations and identification of and action taken to achieve goals

Self-Empowerment: 90% of participants who complete the program will show greater internal resiliency, as shown by the ability to:

  • Handle stress and cope with difficult situations
  • Identify self-limiting belief & Reflect on choices in challenging situations
  • Solve and address challenges as they occur
  • Identify strengths and personal achievements
  • Articulate a greater sense of empowerment and ownership over own future

Leadership Development: 50% of participants who complete the program will assume leadership roles within the B2S program or in other pursuits consistent with their goals and aspirations

Confident, Capable & Connected: Participants who complete the program will significant increase pre-program baseline scores consistent with individual needs and targets set for maximum impact

Contact. Marquelle Edwards, Youth Services Coordinator at or 619-683-9340 ext. 27


Just in Time’s impact comes from a Theory of Change based on more than a decade of hands-on experience and our research-based approach to developing services that “move the needle” for the youth we serve.

The effectiveness of JIT’s Bridges to Success is evaluated in two ways – one for short-term outcomes that provides resources to meet immediate needs and another for long term impact toward our ultimate goal helping young men achieve financial security and learn to develop and leverage supportive relationships.

During the course of the year, B2S made over 260 distributions to 52 participants in Bridges to Success for Young Men, with young men transitioning from foster care making the commitment to ongoing monthly gatherings and smaller group team meetings to work on achieving designated SMART goals.  As trust grows in this “environment of success” so does the development of translatable skill sets; knowledge of the most effective methods to acquire meaningful employment and access essential resources to confidently navigate the workplace.

The result?  Success stories based on the individual goals of the participants for young men like Ja’mount who is finally beginning to find the affirming community he has searched for his entire life and has gone from despair to two jobs earning $19/hr.  Or Samuel, who now future as part of a culinary training program he found through B2S.  Or Joseph, a former foster youth who is legally blind and broadened his networking opportunities that will help him continue his plan to create a nonprofit  – the Hearts for Sight Foundation – to provide nutrition education and employment opportunities for adults with visual impairment.

Through B2S, these young men are getting their first ever opportunity to share their hopes, fears and dreams. They’re being exposed to ideas about values, identity, family and accountability. They’re now part of a consistent community that has never been available to them before.

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 Just In Time is Proud to have these Bridges to Success Partners:

Bridges to Success Partners

In Their Own Words


B2S Champion Marquelle Edwards has been a mentor to me. He brought 10 years of experience as a U.S. Marine to help in my process of navigating my way through the military application process. I learned so much as we worked to obtain the best score possible for the aptitude battery. The score is important because it determines what jobs you are qualified to do. With Marquelle’s support I was able to obtain an A on my exam. Marquelle was there for me every step of the way. After passing the aptitude battery, I went through the in-depth military physical. After a clean bill of health, I was then able to pick my job. The next step was to sign my contract and swear in. I am now waiting to ship off for nine weeks of basic training.


I have been involved with B2S for almost three years now. So many aspects of this program have benefited me throughout my development such as building a real Brotherhood, learning from each other and attending workshops that I can use. During this time I have accomplished a lot through the support of the network this program provides. If this program didn’t exist young men like me wouldn’t have a clue about some basic essentials.we learned from Champions like Mike Turner, Scott Richison, Jeff Woods and Ed Earl.  They’ve been crucial in my success and I thank them for touching my life in such a way!


My experience in the Bridges to Success program has been wonderful.  It has helped me create a network of mentors that I can call on anytime.  Mike Turner, a Champion whom I’ve made a strong connection with, has made a tremendous impact in my life. At first, I was hesitant about opening up to Mike or any other Champion because I don’t like showing a vulnerable side of myself. But over time, Mike and I started building a connection outside of the program just by going out to lunch or talking on the phone regarding school or advice on life. I highly recommend the Bridges to Success program to any young man that is looking for guidance and wanting to build a network.