Career Horizons

Are you a young woman searching for a job you are passionate about?  Do you have successful role models to show you the way?  Join our Career Horizons Program and unearth your passion and path to professional success.

The program is designed to help our youth bring their employment options into focus. Through presentations, discussion, job shadowing, and one-on-one connections with powerful female role models, they are given the tools and support to recognize their strengths and include entrepreneurship and non-traditional higher paying fields in their futures. They are also given the opportunity to begin make lasting connections that can build the networks and career links so essential to career success.


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How It Works

Program Design. Career Horizons for Young Women provides a “class” of 15-20 young women transitioning from foster care with opportunities to expand their career options led by a team of female JIT Career Mentors in non-traditional fields and/or successful women entrepreneurs.

Classes: Group sessions over a 8-month include:

  • A Career Horizons “Networking” Relationship Building Event
  • Obstacles in the Workplace (gender, cultural, etc.)
  • Finding Your Voice (conflict resolution, work relationships, etc.)
  • Finding Your Niche (recognizing your passion and finding your dream career)
  • Your Career Map (putting it all together)
  • Career Horizons “Graduation” Event

Professional Mentors. JIT Career Mentors come from a variety of vocations, providing the professional know-how to turn career dreams into reality. There are many needs associated with planning for a career that would be difficult for our youth to manage without the timely support of a caring adult.

Participation in Other JIT Programs. Career Horizons participants are given an overview of all JIT programs and may apply for services.

Evaluation. Follow-up information is solicited from each youth annually via an online survey.

Contact. Vanessa Davis, Youth Services Coordinator at or 619-683-9340 ext. 21

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Career Horizons?

Career Horizons was created to help young women who were in the foster care system seek fulfilling careers ,develop hard and soft skills, and most importantly help them to find their inner voice. Career Horizons helps young women to discover their passion as a foundation for finding the most compatible career path that can be supported by career mentors, motivational workshops, and skills building. Just in Time hopes at the culmination of this 10 month program each young woman will walk away with 1-2 career mentors who are in nontraditional fields.

What are the requirements to be a part of Career Horizons?

Participants must be working, in school or holding an internship.

Participants must complete an online application, the Career Horizons assessment, and also attend an orientation before joining the program.

When does Career Horizons start?

Career Horizons starts at the end of January and lasts until Mid-October. Participants that are interested should apply by December prior to the beginning of the cohort.

What is the time commitment to be a part of Career Horizons?

Career Horizons has at the most two workshops each month. Participants should expect a time commitment of at least 4 hours a month.

What type of workshops does Career Horizons have?

There are seven “core curriculum” classes which cover topics ranging from Finding Your Voice and Passion, Get Your Story Straight, Strength Finders, Visual Resume, Obstacles and Diversity in the Workplace, How to Brand Yourself through Social Media, and Interviewing 101.


Just in Time’s impact comes from a Theory of Change based on more than a decade of hands-on experience and our research-based approach to developing services that “move the needle” for the youth we serve.

The effectiveness of JIT’s Career Horizons is evaluated in two ways – one for short-term outcomes that teach essential preparatory tools to acquire meaningful employment and another for long term impact toward our ultimate goal of helping young women achieve financial security and learn to develop and leverage supportive relationships.

Numerous studies describe the alarming outcomes for foster youth transitioning from care in California.

  • Within 18 months of emancipation, 40-50% become homeless.
  • Emancipated females are 4 times more likely to receive public assistance than the general population.
  • 60% of young women become parents within 2.5 to 4 years after exiting care
  • Mothers who have been in foster care are almost twice as likely to have their own children placed in the system or become homeless 

Each Career Horizons cohort proves that resources and relationships can create a different story where young women develop and leverage supportive relationships, define themselves, their futures, and begin the road to achieve financial security.  

Over the last year, Career Horizons made 386 distributions to 52 participants in Career Horizons for Young Women and 86% of participants reported 2 or more consistent caring connections.   Participants showed clear awareness of their strengths and put them to work to overcome obstacles and advance their goals; became consistently proactive rather than reactive; demonstrated the personal confidence and resiliency to successfully navigate the life’s challenges, setbacks and opportunities; developed their own authentic voice to share their own stories and become effective advocates for themselves and others; and established positive personal habits – physical, mental, emotional – that contribute to long-term, sustainable health.

This powerful foundation led Tiffany to take the advice and encouragement from her JIT Coach to apply to graduate school and gain acceptance at the University of Virginia as she waits to hear from 5 other schools.  Or Victoria who left an unsatisfying part-time job for one more suited to her strengths and talents. And Maria who used her elevator during a chance encounter at Bank of America and landed a full-time job.

Through Career Horizons, young women leaving foster care are learning to thrive, not just survive.

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Just In Time is Proud to have these Career Horizons Partners: 

Career Horizon Partners

In Their Own Words

“Just in Time helped me by getting on track whether it be physically or mentally. Without all of the great staff and their great personalities and warm hearts, I wouldn’t be able to sustain.”

Cameron, JIT participant