Building a Fit Financial Future

Nov 23, 2020 | YOUTH STORIES

Growing up, Anri had no financial role models and spent her high school years couch surfing and doing what she could to merely survive.

Between living in survival mode and an ex-boyfriend who opened credit cards without her knowledge, Anri had built up debt she needed to overcome. Once she entered college, she was referred to Just in Time for Foster Youth and decided to participate in several services, including Financial Fitness.

“I didn’t have savings,” Anri shared. “And especially during COVID, I wanted to know more how to prepare myself. I don’t want to graduate college with a bunch of debt.”

Through Financial Fitness, Anri learned financial skills and connected with a coach who worked in banking. Her coach has become more than an informative source of financial knowledge; she’s become a friend Anri can reach out to about anything at any time.

With her coach’s guidance and Just in Time’s support, Anri has begun paying off her debt and is well on her way to a brighter, more secure financial future.

“Financial Fitness helped me build up my first savings. Now I have an emergency fund and a good budget,” said Anri. “I already know my next goal is to invest – save up and get a car, start saving for retirement… since Financial Fitness, I learned I can be smart about money and not be stressing about it every second!”


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