Just in Time for Foster Youth is

proud to be one of the 10 nonprofit beneficiaries selected by Century Club of San Diego to receive matching funds in the 2018 Farmers Insurance Open!


We are thrilled to share that Just in Time for Foster Youth is participating in the annual “Champions for Youth” fundraising campaign of The Century Club and the Farmer’s Insurance Open!

For the 3rd year in a row, Just in Time for Foster Youth has been selected by The Century Club as one of just 10 San Diego organizations to participate in their Champions for Youth program. Through the program, we’ll raise funds from November 28, 2017 until January 28, 2018 and we will receive bonus funding from the $255,000 bonus pool based on 1) how many people give to our campaign and 2) how much we raise compared to the 9 other organizations.

While the amount we raise will always be important, growing the number of people who know about, and want to help Just in Time is also critical to our ability to serve our youth both now and in the future.

You can help us to spread the word by becoming a fundraiser in our Champions for Youth campaign and by reaching out to your community to share your story. If just 10 people join you in supporting Just in Time by giving a gift, it will help us achieve our goals and raise awareness helping us change the world, one youth at a time!

You can CLICK HERE and follow a few easy prompts to set-up your personal fundraising page.

For more information, please contact Aimee Halfpenny at aimee@jitfosteryouth.org

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