Danyrea, Forever Connected


“There is nothing more rewarding than expecting one thing and receiving more than you ever imagined.  This best describes my experience with Just in Time. I am grateful to the staff for their patience, leadership, transparency, and trust in me as an intern.  I never felt like the new kid on the block.  Instead, I was allowed to immerse myself into the JIT family, and what a family this is!  The staff’s dedication to the young adults and volunteers is a true expression of service and care for others.  I am a witness to the ways in which the JIT programs give hope and restore faith to a once hopeless situation.  I wear the same smile as the participants receiving assistance because their joy touches my heart.  JIT solidified my desire to be a part of change through empowerment and liberation. Just in Time believes in the potential of youth and imparts the courage and support to succeed. I am forever grateful for my time and involvement.  This opportunity has made me a better person. Just in Time shows up in the nick of time!  Thank you.”

Forever Connected,

Danyrea Hassan (aka Cookie)
Intern, University of Phoenix