Joe’s story of being a Financial Fitness Advisor


Joe, Financial Fitness Asset Advisor

As a long term volunteer with JIT Joe has been an Asset Advisor to multiple youth were he has created long lasting connections. One of his greatest experiences was working with JIT participant Neil and watching his life change in the course of his enrollment in Financial Fitness. Neil and Joe would meet up a couple times a month to discuss financial related topics such as budgeting and planning, through that they really bonded and turned Neil’s debt driven life into one of exponential savings.

Once Neil found a good full time job they put his new budgeting and savings plan into action. He was able to become debt free and have a strong savings that he had never dreamed of. Through Joe’s life experiences he is able to give advice to the participants, advice that has merit and is discussed personally with them. He works with participants like Neil to formulate an individualized plan that adheres to their unique needs and abilities. “All the Financial Fitness participants can reach success, and they will be surprised by that success. If you always save a little bit you will be financially secure and that stability will make life easier.” Joe enjoys teaching and working with his Financial Fitness mentees and seeing them become successful, independent, and relieved of many stresses.