Lorine Providing Guidance


Lorine knew that financial education was lacking in many former foster youth’s lives and that poor financial decisions can lead to crippling effects. By spending time with her Financial Fitness mentee, Crystal, the two of them were able to take a deep look into Crystal’s finances and analyze where she needed to focus her attention to make sure she didn’t spiral into a cyclone of debt. With a budget break down, set goals, and a plan to track spending, Crystal is capable of keeping herself in a safe area of spending and saving. With her background in finance and compassion for these young adults, Lorine is there as a positive role model and caring adult for financial guidance as well as providing a strong connection Crystal can rely on. “The financial fitness program combats the severe problem that young who were not given the opportunity to receive financial guidance or education face. Poor financial decisions stay with you for years, these transitioning youth can not afford to be making these mistakes and need someone there to positively provide them with insight into the complex financial world.”

Lorine, Financial Fitness Asset Advisor

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