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Just in Time has partnered with two grad students at Alliant International University to bring wellness check-ins to participants and staff. As Wellness Interns, the students will gain invaluable experience with clinical practice, while participants and staff can explore topics such as personal growth, relationships, sexuality, and social expectations. Wellness Intern Erin describes being a clinical psychologist as her “true calling in life,” while Wellness Intern Lawrence is working on his doctorate to become a therapist with an emphasis on developmental trauma.

September 30, 2021
Sep. 30: Bridges to Success Golf Academy

Oct. 2: Career Horizons Graduation

Oct. 14: Coach Approach Training

Oct. 21: New Volunteer Info Session

Oct. 28: Coach Approach Practice


Lobsterfest 2021

by Cori fusselman & Virgo Villajin, JIT Staff

LobsterFest 2021 was a night filled with excitement. The event started with tequila tasting and bidding on multiple silent auction items. The auction had something for everyone: dinners out, nice wine, paintings, local adventures, and fabulous trips.

The event was hosted by the Del Mar Solana Beach Rotary Club, a longtime community partner of Just in Time. In the past, they’ve held BocceFest tournaments and other philanthropic efforts with JIT as a beneficiary. We’ve collaborated with them by assisting with setting up the events and they’ve helped provide another platform for us to share our mission and reach new potential supporters.

Our very own Youth Services Director Irving Chavez had the privilege of dressing up as a lobster while he and Just in Time volunteer Jessica Zaragoza sold raffle tickets for party goers to win a $100 gift certificate to one of the San Diego’s many premier restaurants.

Dinner was a buffet style dinner with — of course — lobster, salad, homemade mac and cheese, rice, beans and fresh churros for dessert. While guests enjoyed dinner on Del Mar Hilton’s outdoor patio there was Caribbean style live music. Don and Diane from the JIT staff had fun dancing and showing off their amazing moves.

JIT participant Mark shared, “It was so much fun being able to enjoy the event with the JIT team and having an opportunity to also help out. I had a great time learning about all the great work that the Rotary Club is doing with so many different organizations.”

Over the past 21 years, the Del Mar-Solana Beach Rotary Club has raised over $625,000 to invest back into our local and international communities. We look forward to our continued partnership with them; whether it’s BocceFest or LobsterFest, we’ll be there with our best!

North County Paint & Sip

by Virgo Villajin, JIT Staff


This past week, our North County team hosted a creative community-building event in partnership with North County Lifeline. Our participants were able to drop in and enjoy an afternoon “Paint and Sip” event.

The event began with a mindful breathing activity facilitated by JIT volunteer Jessica Zaragoza. She guided everyone through a simple but very effective exercise that helped them feel more present for the activities ahead.

JIT staff member Esme shared, “It was great being able to take the moment to clear my mind before we got started. It was like all of my other challenges got put on pause for a moment so I could really engage with what was going on around me.”

Participants were able to choose their own creative medium between painting on rocks or canvases. We also provided some pictures and templates of scenery that could inspire our participants and guide their creativity.

JIT participant Syona shared, “I knew exactly what to make and I love the freedom to just create based on what I’m feeling.”

In addition to the artistic activities, there was pizza, beverages, and music to enjoy while everyone connected and got to know each other more. Everybody took turns playing their favorite songs and shared stories about why each song resonated with them.

It was the first of many successful community-building events at our North County location which empowered our participants to express themselves and share their gifts. We’re excited to see what’s next for our team in North County!

Exploring E-Commerce & Social Media Marketing

by Virgo Villajin, JIT Staff


Our Financial Fitness 103 cohort participated in workshop focused on E-commerce and Social Media Marketing. The workshop was facilitated by our own JIT participant, Stephany Gomez.

After losing her job at the start of the pandemic, Stephany founded SXOBoutique. Her company provides affordable and fashion-forward clothing to women of all sizes. Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, she’s gained a lot of lessons in logistics, e-commerce, marketing through social media, and networking to get the best prices for her products.

Our breakout room topics helped our participants have meaningful conversations around what their passions are, what they want to share with others, and what value those things can bring.

Participant Samantha shared, “I really liked that breakout room. Sometimes I’m so focused on graduating and thinking of a job that it’s easy to overlook my passion and what other gifts I can bring beyond just doing a job.”

The workshop also inspired our participants to share their business ideas, and coaches to share where they can be supportive. JIT volunteer Laryn shared resources and guides in the chat. She also said, “I’m happy to share my experience in advertising and other digital marketing if anyone needs some help or wants to brainstorm!”

Stephany did a terrific job sharing her key takeaways and important lessons on what it took for her to develop her drive and tact for business. It was also very inspirational to see one of our participants take ownership of their expertise and share it back to the community that helped get them started. We’ll be on the lookout for future emerging entrepreneurs among our participants!


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