New Community, New Start: Kiyah’s Story

by Rachel Trujillo

At just 18 years old, Kiyah was excited to move out of her mother’s house and into her first apartment, and create a safe home with her family, including her one-year-old boy and a daughter due in March.

However, after all the paperwork was signed and Kiyah was ready to move in, her hours as a caregiver were drastically cut. Suddenly, her income was no longer stable and although she had saved up the deposit for her new place, she would no longer be able to make her first month’s rent.

Being resilient and resourceful, Kiyah started looking for other employment but she also found a new resource: Just in Time for Foster Youth’s Basic Needs service! After sharing her story with us and showing that she had a contingency plan in place, Kiyah was approved for the support she needed to meet her first month’s rent! 

“Just in Time services came just in time,” said Kiyah. “This really made a difference in our lives and we thank Just in Time for how much kindness and compassion was extended to us during this difficult time.”

Now that Kiyah’s living situation is secure, she’s able to focus on stabilizing her employment too. In fact, she already secured a seasonal job as a holiday photographer. In addition, she started a full-time position at T-Mobile this week!

Kiyah shared that she is very excited to be a part of the JIT community and eager to dive into all that we have to offer. She’s already signing up for services and can’t wait to get her license through Changing Lanes, build her monetary skills through Financial Fitness, grow personally and professionally through Career Horizons, and become part of a healing community through Rise to Resilience.

Kiyah’s positive energy is infectious and her willingness to learn and grow is truly inspiring. We can’t wait to see all that she achieves and support her along her journey!