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College Bound 2022 Kickoff

Did You Know?

Only 3-6% of emancipated foster youth earn a college degree.

Research shows that access to financial and academic support in the first year of college increases foster youth’s success rate.

Since 2006, thanks to JIT’s College Bound service, 371 participants have graduated, and 231 are still in school.

Beating the odds

Many connections were made during the first day of our College Bound Kickoff! This year, over 50 youth participants and 30 volunteer coaches enrolled to participate in our College Bound service. Participants will receive the tools and support needed to graduate successfully, and coaches will be there to cheer and encourage each academic milestone! We know that the college journey for foster youth is never easy. Our two-day celebration focuses on reinforcing and motivating our youth’s educational goals.

June 17, 2022

June 21:  Pathways to Financial Power workshop

June 22: Financial Fitness 103 workshop

June 23: Coach Approach to Mentoring Practice Session

June 25: College Bound Day 2

June 28: Pathways to Financial Power Workshop

This past weekend, the 2022 College Bound cohort was able to:

Meet the College Bound ‘22 coaches.

Practiced practical communication skills.

Learned about all of JIT services, and

Connected with San Diego Community resources.

Equity Walk

Our Equity Walk activity was a wonderful space for all guests to bond and appreciate the diversity of individual backgrounds and to connect over similar life experiences, challenges, and success.

Just in Time for Foster Youth’s College Bound service gets featured on KUSI.

Coach Approach to Mentoring

After a brief Coach Approach training, attendees practiced active listening with participants and coaches taking turns asking curious and powerful questions.

JIT Services

We introduced our participants to all our services during our JIT resource breakout segment. Coordinators presented their service with a carnival game designed to educate and entertain participants.

Community Resources

Youth also learned about other community services and resources.

Coming up on June 25th is our College Bound celebration where youth receive their laptops, printers and a gift card for a college shopping spree at Walmart with their coaches.


“My College Bound experience was more than I could’ve asked for! I’, so grateful to have met my coaches and to feel believed in! I’m READY TO OVERCOME any obstacle to get my degree”
Azucena Wells, right, pictured with her College Bound coach Suzy Freund, left.

“College Bound was a wonderful experience! Connecting with new people, with the gorgeous waves in the back of our speakers, was an event I’ll never forget! The experience to have the celebration of being a Master Your Dream recipient started to make my grad school experience more real for me. I realize now that I am going into the next step in my life, I am having the support I need and want. Even when I have trouble asking for help, even with small things, people are watching out for me and ready to help whenever they can.”

This was one of many messages shared by College Bound participants on the JIT Network in the afterglow of College Bound’s second day. New students, new college graduates, volunteer coaches and JT alumni gathered on a bright Saturday morning for inspiration and celebration of our community of possibilities and promises fulfilled.

Students starting their post-secondary journey could envision their future success in the powerful presence of 2007 JIT College Bound participants who attended as living proof of promises and possibilities since turned into academic degrees and careers aligned with purpose.

If you weren’t there, you can still get a feel for the day by joining the JIT Network and connecting to all the life changing choices made possible by a real, reliable and responsive community of support. I’ll be looking for you.

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