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Empower Life Changing Choices: Get Out and Vote!

JIT Holds Election workshop and the Century Club Campaign launches with goal of $200K plus matching funds!


JIT Staff recently mobilized to offer a non-partisan workshop on the upcoming election for our entire community. The need was apparent. In a recent survey of participants, only 20% said they were registered to vote. Reasons cited were that the ballots were confusing, reading up on propositions took time, and they didn’t feel personally impacted by them.  

 Strategic Partnership Manager Ivan Chavez led the effort to help our youth make informed and educated decisions. During the workshop, staff members presented different propositions and the group discussed the many reasons why voting is so important. We were joined by members of OTTA United, a student-led organization that mobilizes the student community to become more involved in the political process.  

In addition to the workshop, over 1,000 people in our community received the materials intended to demystify the impact of each proposition and what a “yes” or “no” vote meant in layman’s terms.  

Century Club Serves Up Matching Funds for Just in Time!

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Just in Time has partnered, once again, with Century Club of San Diego for the Champions for Youth fundraising campaign! From now until January 29th, community members have the opportunity to both fundraise for and invest in the Just in Time mission. Not only will Century Club of San Diego cover the processing fees for each donation received, but they will also provide matching funds with 100% of the money raised going to Just in Time! 

Our goal is to raise $200,000, all of which will go toward creating a Reliable Responsive and Real Community for the nearly 2,000 youth JIT serves annually.

$10 helps cover a youth’s bus pass 

$25 will go towards setting up a youth’s first apartment 

$50 makes an impact on a foster youth’s decision between rent and food 

$100 provides emergency services to stabilize youth. 


Interested in donating to the Just in Time Century Club Campaign? CLICK HERE to get started! 

JIT Lands A Hole in One with The Eagles Golf Tournament!  

Golfers of all levels, from Just in Time, The Eagles Organization, Omni2Max and Ausgar Technologies all flocked to the San Vicente Golf Course in Ramona on October 28th to attend the Eagles Organization Annual Golf Tournament!

“Just in Time always seeks out partners that align with our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives. And our youth look up to people who look and talk like them to show them real-life examples of how to pursue their passions and goals,” shared by JIT’s Collaborative & Impact Partnerships Coach Ivan Chavez when asked about our partnership with the Eagles. 

Although many balls got lost in the water and in the bushes, what was not lost was the deep connections made with the Eagles Organization and its members. The Eagles have a long history of supporting Just in Time and of our Bridges to Success for Young Men (B2S) service in particular. Our collaboration began in 2018 with the Eagles not only by them providing one-on-one coaching for our youth, but also by designing the B2S curriculum and facilitating workshops. Allen Maxwell, Jack Jackson and Merv Cutler were among the first Eagles to engage with us and our services. And the experience has had a tremendous impact on the men in our community. 


The overall experience of this year’s event was well above par, and we want to thank The Eagles Organization for including us in their golf tournament over the years, for hosting an annual fishing event for JIT youth and staff and for all the Eagles volunteers and mentors who consistently support our community. Thank you Eagles for your continued commitment to empowering the lives of the youth we serve!   

20th Anniversary Just In Time
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