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Mind-Body Connection with Just in Time

JIT Career Horizons OB Yoga

Career Horizons and Bridges to Success Participants get moving!

Time in nature has been linked to lower stress levels and elevated moods. Yoga has also been proven to boost mental wellness with its focus on breathing and inner awareness which promotes mental clarity and calmness. As we navigate the frenetic pace of modern life – work, school, screen time, and family life, we often forget to BREATHE, practice mindfulness and cultivate gratitude. 

“Mindfulness is important to me because I need an extra push to live in the moment instead of worrying about the future or the past.”

Brandy Caminy, Just in Time Participant 

July 27, 2022

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JIT Career Horizons OB Yoga

Youth and coaches engaged in Just in Time’s Career Horizons (CH) and Bridges to Success for Young Men (B2S) services took a “time out” for self-care this month. For B2S, that meant hitting the trail on a wellness walk through the Tijuana Estuary. 

The women of Career Horizons took to their mats to “strike a pose.” This guided yoga session was facilitated by JIT volunteer Jessica Zaragoza and ended with participants crafting their own personal mission statements. 

JIT Jimmy Silverwood Ricky Fuentes
Richard Fuentes (right) 

“After staying inside for most of the week it was great to go outside and hike with great company. Little outings like these serve as a reminder of our support network and it gives me the courage to step out into the world on my own. It was a very nourishing event on many different levels.”

Ricky Fuentes, Bridges to Success Participant 

Participants grab a bit after the hike

After the hike, the Bridges to Success participants grab a bite to eat.

As Bridges to Success and Career Horizons continue to implement more mindfulness into their lives, we encourage you to do so too. Here is a small list of ways you can implement mindfulness into your daily practices:

 Be aware of your self-critical talk. Acknowledge it and implement kindness into how you speak to yourself.  

Take small breaks throughout the day to reground yourself with your intentions and purpose. Practice breathing or sensational touches during this time. 

Allow your emotions to be present. Label your feelings and sit with them.  

JIT Network Promo 20th Logo

“For this 20th Anniversary Year of Just in Time, our co-founder Diane Cox and I are writing a book.

It’s about a bold “new” idea that actually resurrects a forgotten fundamental truth that can break the cycle of foster care in America. Children thrive in communities, not systems. The book will share this alternate point of view through powerful stories. It will show how a different mindset and model can empower people to create transformative change in any community where persistent trauma is built into the experience of our children in care. And, yes, ALL of the young people impacted by foster care are OUR children.

We’ll write the book so that more people can hear the voices of our participants and get to know them as we have. Once they do, they may be inspired to build more communities where youth voices are heard and join others to listen and be reminded of what we know to be true about truly caring for those who are vulnerable.

It may create a kind of heightened awareness of the impact that lasting relationships and a sense of belonging can have on a sense of well-being and the capacity for us all to make our own life changing choices. And awareness may lead to something better. All we need now is a great title so people will read the book. Ideas are welcome. After all, that’s why we’re writing it.”

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