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The first study of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Kaiser Permanente from 1995 to 1997. The study found that exposure to ACEs was linked to a higher likelihood of negative health and behavioral outcomes later in life, such as heart disease, diabetes, and premature death. 

March 25, 2022

March 26: Career Horizons:

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March 29: Pathways to Financial Power:

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March 31: Financial Fitness:

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The Journey of Becoming

Traumatic experiences are sometimes difficult to heal or even identify – that is why Just in Time created the Rise to Resilience service. On Saturday, March 19th, we hosted our third annual Rise to Resilience retreat led by Rise to Resilience Coordinator, Krystal Monroe. This year’s retreat, titled “The Journey of Becoming” focused on providing a space for health, wellness, and healing by having a one-day self-care retreat where we as individuals and as a community could pause, reflect, restore, and rejuvenate. 

The retreat opened with an overview of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) led by Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Zemed Berhe. She explained how toxic stress experienced throughout one’s childhood could lead to adverse health outcomes and what we can do to mitigate them. Holistic Health Coach, Author, and JIT Participant, Angela Quida-Banks, followed up with a passionate and inspirational spoken word titled “The Echoes of Our Past.”  Angela helped frame the day by reminding us that we have the power “To feel alive and not just survive, to take the chance to finally set the tone.”  

Our goal for this year’s retreat was to share and practice different “healing rituals” that reduce the effects of ACES. We had four healing sessions where participants had the opportunity to explore and practice throughout the event. “My highlight of the day was seeing everyone get together… and that they dedicated time to self-care. I heard from many that the yoga healing session was their favorite,” shared Krystal.  

We want to send a huge thank you to our volunteers who facilitated the healing breakouts:

Mindfulness – Marcia , (OUR Arts nonprofit, Founder) Elle (Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor), Lawrence and Erin (Wellness Interns) helped us stay in the moment and grounded by painting/planting our succulent vases.
Nourishment – DeRahn (Personal Trainer and Nutritionist) and Claire (Director, Health Education Nonprofit) reminded us of the importance of our relationship with food as we built our trail mix.
Holistic Body Movement – Edoho and Christina (Yoga Instructors) led a beginner-friendly yoga session centered around the importance of body movement for a healthier body and mind.
Sleep and Rest – Joel (Buddhism Scholar), Tanya (Program Coordinator, Community Health Clinic), Noelle (MFT and Alternative Healing Arts Practitioner) guided a group discussion on sleep hygiene and shared tips on healthy sleep habits.

During lunch, JIT Chief Empowerment Officer Don Wells and JIT Co-Founder Diane Cox led a talk on Healthy Relationships and how we are all capable of identifying the key “red flags” in a toxic relationship and that it’s up to each of us to move away from unhealthy relationships. They also shared the importance of healthy communication and what having someone’s best interest in mind looks like. They ended their interactive discussion with a swing dance- A reminder that play is a key component to a happy life.

The entire day was filled with calm and healing energy. Samantha, one of our participants, shared, “I love the community I have here at JIT. This week was very mentally hard for me, and this was so grounding.” Just in Time for Foster Youth aims to create meaningful events where we can connect with each other, be a part of a community, and go deeper in our self-exploration. And this retreat did just that. Thanks to all the volunteers and community members who helped bring healing to our Rise to Resilience retreat!


“My College Bound experience was more than I could’ve asked for! I’, so grateful to have met my coaches and to feel believed in! I’m READY TO OVERCOME any obstacle to get my degree”
Azucena Wells, right, pictured with her College Bound coach Suzy Freund, left.

“College Bound was a wonderful experience! Connecting with new people, with the gorgeous waves in the back of our speakers, was an event I’ll never forget! The experience to have the celebration of being a Master Your Dream recipient started to make my grad school experience more real for me. I realize now that I am going into the next step in my life, I am having the support I need and want. Even when I have trouble asking for help, even with small things, people are watching out for me and ready to help whenever they can.”

This was one of many messages shared by College Bound participants on the JIT Network in the afterglow of College Bound’s second day. New students, new college graduates, volunteer coaches and JT alumni gathered on a bright Saturday morning for inspiration and celebration of our community of possibilities and promises fulfilled.

Students starting their post-secondary journey could envision their future success in the powerful presence of 2007 JIT College Bound participants who attended as living proof of promises and possibilities since turned into academic degrees and careers aligned with purpose.

If you weren’t there, you can still get a feel for the day by joining the JIT Network and connecting to all the life changing choices made possible by a real, reliable and responsive community of support. I’ll be looking for you.

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