Pathways To Financial Power 2017

September 23, 2017 @ Double Tree Hotel in Mission Valley

Pathways to Financial Power is a powerful investment in the long term self-sufficiency and well-being of our Just in Time participants.

Each year, a new cohort of young men and women motivated to pursue a better paying job and the desire to build a stronger financial foundation will take part in Pathways to Financial Power. After assessing each participant’s career goals and employment readiness, JIT will once again help remove obstacles to securing jobs at a living wage. This includes providing knowledge and networking to:

* Develop a customized resume & cover letter

* Uncover the Top 10 “credit building myths”

* Create a LinkedIn page & maximize social media

* Learn their Strengthsfinder profile & how to use it

* Connect to training & employers with open jobs

* Shop for professional clothing to make a great impression

* Practice an “elevator speech” to tell their story

* Meet volunteers in their potential career field

* Match savings up to $4,500

* Overcome persistent employment roadblocks

Platinum Sponsor:

Sue & Jay Lichter
Impact Giving

Power Sponsor:


Workshop Sponsors:

Banner Bank
Bank of America

Investor Sponsors:

Kippy Gambill
Wells Fargo

Individual Youth Sponsors:

Cubic Corporation
Day For Change
Inez Branca Family Foundation

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