Securing the Support to Rise Up

Mar 04, 2020 | YOUTH STORIES

Jasmine’s experience in the foster care system began around age 8. Her parents often found themselves in trouble with the law, which led to her mother being incarcerated, her father disappearing from the picture, and she and her siblings bouncing between different placements, family members and group homes.

As a teenager, Jasmine’s sister Lupe was connected with Just in Time, shared how much the organization has been helping her along her path, and asked Jasmine to come to the JIT office with her to learn more about their services.

Recently, Jasmine was involved in a car accident. Without an emergency fund to pay her $500 deductible, she began wondering what she was going to do in order to stay afloat. Her mind cycled through the survival tactics of her past – calling in favors from unhealthy relationships, going back to the street – whatever it took to get by. Instead she decided to come to Just in Time and spoke with Daniella, one of the Youth Service Coordinators. Daniella learned that Jasmine was not only facing the stress of the car accident, but was dealing with food insecurity due to an issue with her food stamps. Just in Time was able to immediately provide financial support to help Jasmine pay her deductible and went one step beyond, also offering her a food card so that she could focus her time and resources on moving forward.

“I went in there with several problems of my own, but Just in Time made me feel like family. I just got welcomed with open arms and without judgment,” said Jasmine. “I was speechless when I was approved to be financially assisted. Then when Daniella presented me with a food card as well, I felt like a won a lottery. It was just amazing.”