Did You Know?

Just in Time for Foster Youth has been named one of eight winners of the 2021 Aging Out Institute National Awards Program for our strategies to support youth after they age out of foster care. This year’s panel of judges included experts and practitioners in the field of child welfare throughout the country. JIT won $100,000 for being recognized in the Youth Impact category and $50,000 for being recognized in the Mid-Size Organization or Program category. These awards are a welcome confirmation of our commitment to lasting impact of the youth we serve!

November 12, 2021

Nov. 17: New Volunteer Info Session

Nov. 18: Thanksgiving Dinner Drive-Thru

Nov. 19: Partnership Event – Eagles Golf Outing

Dec. 4: My First Home for the Holidays

Volunteer Spotlight:
Janet Coover

by Virgo Villajin

“I choose to volunteer for this community because I’m so excited to see young people come to the services ready to take their lives to the next level. I grew up with a lot of family support and I can’t even begin to imagine what life would have been like without it. I want to do whatever I can to help the participants experience a similar type of support.”
– Janet Coover 

Janet started volunteering with JIT after learning about our mission through a news segment. In one of her first roles, she connected with JIT team member Trish, helping review essays for College Bound. However, after learning that there are more involved roles she could fill like coaching a participant and helping them shop, she wanted to jump right in. This more involved role soon transitioned into something even greater. Janet shared, “I developed deep connections with several participants over the years through those shopping events and discovered that my real joy was helping people take pictures so they can have memories to look back on later.” 

Since that amazing discovery, Janet has been an incredibly reliable volunteer photographer for many of JIT’s major events. She has a fantastic energy when taking pictures of our community and gets everyone so excited to create wonderful memories. She also loves staying connected with our participants over Facebook, getting updates from them and helping them photograph major personal events such as baby showers and engagements.

“I meet nothing but great people at JIT and I want to be another person in their corner to love and appreciate them,” says Janet. “I consider it a major privilege to be trusted by everyone and this community is a part of my family now.” 

Janet believes that over her 10 years of volunteering with JIT, the benefits she’s received are more than worth the time she’s committed with us. “I truly believe I get way more out of these genuine connections with the participants and there’s nothing more I’d rather do than spend time with this community that’s become a family for me.”

That’s the Just in Time ROI, Return on Inspiration! We’re excited to see Janet taking wonderful pictures at our Thanksgiving Drive Thru next week on November 18th, and many more events to come.