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Gratitude is an Attitude: The JIT Network Edition

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Gratitude is An Atitude
November 10, 2022

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Fall is in the air and Thanksgiving is around the corner! Tis the season for expressing gratitude for the relationships that nourish us and give us the momentum to keep moving forward. At Just in Time, we are always innovating – finding new ways to build connections, deepen relationships and build upon the Reliable, Responsive, and Real Community for youth that we started 20 years ago. 

Our newest forum for connection building is the JIT Network. It’s a place for youth, coaches, volunteers – The entire JIT Community (Including YOU!) – to share empowering messages, ask and receive advice, and express GRATITUDE for life-sustaining relationships built and for the empowered life changing choices that youth within our community have been able to realize.  

Here are some expressions of gratitude and encouragement from across the JIT Network to encourage and motivate you!  

If you’d like to share your own expressions of gratitude, YOU CAN, when you join The JIT Network! 

Expressions of Gratitude From The JIT Network: 

Samuel Isaac Gunn, JIT Alumni 

“In the totality of reality, what is possible is far more amazing than what most people think is ‘realistic.’ There will be many more people who, in their efforts to be good as human beings and role models, will mistakenly try to diminish your capabilities thinking they are helping you refine your scope. Recognize their wisdom and give it due consideration, but do not let go of your vision, no matter how they respond to it. Those who are genuine will support so long as you are true to your greatest vision.”

“I’m so grateful for being alive. I accept being a child of foster care growing up different shows me I belong in two different places.”  

Zurah Ali, JIT Participant   

“I’m grateful for a safe home, my pets, my friends, and my amazing JIT community.”

Alyssa Player, JIT Staff 

I’m Thankful for My Husband, Kids, and the New opportunities that have opened up to me now that I’m a business owner.

Irene Ekdahl, JIT Alumni   

Alex Gregoire, JIT Alumni

“I don’t know who needs to hear this today: You are one of a kind. You’re worth it, and you are MAGIC. Hang in there, you’ll go far, kid. Coming from the other side, IT DOES get better. You are so powerful and necessary. One day you’re going to wake up with tears of joy for how your life has turned out. DON’T GIVE UP. Give yourself credit and a break. You’ve got this and I’m proud of you!”

Meet and Connect with JIT Participants on The JIT Network 

The JIT Network is a great place to engage with Just in Time youth and help them build networks within the greater community.

Hello everyone 👋🏼, 
I am new here to the app and just wanted to introduce myself. 
My name is Joanna, I am 22 years old and just like most I was in foster care. I love to draw Chicano art, make soaps and go to lowrider car shows ✨️ 
I am currently majoring in social work and a recent transfer to SDSU. I also work at a nonprofit educational farm called Wild Willow Farm. My goal is to bring foster youth to the farm so that they connect with the beautiful place we call earth ❤️‍🔥. 

For JIT Volunteers and Coaches, The JIT Network allows you to stay up to date on JIT services and events! Join one of our many JIT “Communities” Like Volunteer Village to learn about new opportunities for relationship building and get valuable advice from fellow volunteers.

Sign up and join the JIT Network today! 

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