Coach Approach to Mentoring

Sessions held regularly throughout the year

Research shows that effective mentoring is critical to better outcomes for youth in transition, which is why the JIT community has established the innovative Coach Approach to Mentoring.

The Coach Approach to Mentoring is based on the belief that mentoring is greatly enhanced when the intention is clearly focused on understanding rather than judging; asking rather than telling; and empowering rather than fixing. The process explores solutions together and leads to choices aligned with the youth’s vision and goals.

Our unique Coach Approach to Mentoring training is designed to transform the mentoring mindset of JIT volunteers from one that seeks to “fix” the problems of youth who are seen as deficient and damaged, to one that sees youth as partners who are Creative (with the potential to dream big and design a life of their own choosing), Resourceful (with the inherent skills, resources and talents to move from surviving to thriving), and Whole (where traumatic experiences can be re-framed from broken or damaged to resilient and abundant).

The training teaches active listening, setting aside the mentor’s own agenda, staying present and genuinely curious, asking powerful questions, and seeing youth empowerment as the ultimate success goal. Its methodology supports the transformative idea of true coach/mentor partnerships where everyone has the capacity and wisdom to find their own solutions.

One unique and powerful aspect of Coach Approach trainings is they are done in triads, with volunteers and youth taking turns at being a coach, a coachee, and an observer who provides critical feedback on what worked well and what could be improved. Learning and practicing coach principles together leads to “a-ha” moments and volunteers witness the youth’s innate wisdom while youth recognize volunteers’ vulnerabilities and their own capacity to empower others. The remarkable result is an acceleration of trust-building through powerful experiences of mutual empowerment.

If you are interested in taking part in our Coach Approach to Mentoring training or having us do a training at your organization, please feel free to contact us.

To participate in a JIT Coach Approach training, please contact Kathryn at ve.team@jitfosteryouth.org or 619-677-2119.

To request a Coach Approach a training for your organization, please contact Don Wells at don@jitfosteryouth.org or 858-663-2081.