From Unsupported to Unstoppable

Mar 04, 2020 | YOUTH STORIES

After living in an abusive home situation, Isaac was taken away by Child Protective Services at age 12 and placed into foster care.

During a time that’s so critical for adult support and guidance, he instead found himself in situations where he felt his life was dictated by others and any decisions he made on his own would get him in trouble. Feeling hopeless, he AWOLed from care several times before ending up incarcerated at 18.

After six years in prison, Isaac was released and placed in a sober living facility, as he had no resources or other places to go. It was there that a social worker referred Isaac to JIT and he began taking steps to change the narrative of his life by fully diving into the services offered.

Shortly after joining JIT, Isaac showed his promise and was invited to come to the Career Exploration Fair at JIT’s Pathways to Financial Power conference. Although he had no intention of getting a job, he networked with Doing Good Works and was offered a phone interview on the spot. Moved by Isaac’s story and desire to grow and persevere, they offered him a position and he has now been an employee for a year! “I think this is the best opportunity I could have possibly found. It’s something better than I’d even dared hope for or dared imagined was available to me… I’m not even exaggerating,” said Isaac. “If not for Just in Time and Doing Good Works, I would still feel like I have to fight for every little thing. They have empowered and enabled me to be in the position I am in now. I put in the effort, but without them, I don’t know how much success I would have had in the little over a year that I’ve been out [of prison]. The opportunities I have discovered are invaluable and the support I have received, and am continuing to receive, is phenomenal.”