The Just in Time Team works in alignment with our Core Values to create Measurable Positive Benefit for the Community we serve, providing Essential Resources, leveraging Critical Relationships, and attracting Life-Changing Investments to Sustain our Lasting Impact. Meet the team behind JIT.

Deliver Measurable Impact

Youth Services & Support

Irving Chavez

Youth Services Director

Sanam Charlton

Youth Services Managing Coordinator

Cori Fusselman

Youth Services Managing Coordinator

Emilio Carranza-Davis

Youth Services Coordinator

Vanessa Davis

Rise to Resilience Consultant

Nina Desmond

Youth Services Success Partnership Associate

DeRahn Johnson

Youth Services Consultant

Iza Le Roux

Youth Services Coordinator

Bryan Mancera

Youth Services Coordinator

Nathaniel Martinez

Youth Services Coordinator

Krystal Monroe

Youth Services Coordinator

Esmeralda Munoz

Youth Services Lead Coordinator

Monica Reyes

Youth Services Administrative Coordinator

Steven Silva

Financial Fitness Consultant

Build Organizational Capacity

Admin/Operations, Volunteer Services & Accounting

Monica Cannon

Chief Talent Officer

Reshae Cuevas

Operations & Administrative Services Director

Gayle Greenlee

Chief Financial Officer

Ivan Chavez

Service Enterprise/Partnerships Manager

JoAnne O’Neill

Accounting Manager

Kathryn Clauzel

Volunteer Services Interim Manager

Ozzy Cobian

Admin / Salesforce Specialist

Increase Financial Stability & Sustainability

Development Resources

Diane Cox

Development Co-Director

Jennifer Telitz

Development Co-Director

Dylan Carter

Investor Outreach Coordinator

Evonne Ermey

Storytelling, Grants & Communication Specialist

Tasha Matthews

Civic/Faith Specialist

Caitlin Radigan

Investor Stewardship Specialist

Chris Turner

Customer Relations Manager

Share & Leverage Brand/Impact

Strategic Impact & Branding

Don Wells

Chief Empowerment Officer

Trish Horton

Impact Research & CRM Systems Director

Simone Hidds-Monroe

Associate Director, Advocacy & Community Empowerment

Amy Blum

Brand & Marketing Manager

Shontá Battle

Alumni Engagement Coordinator

Kyra Endoso

Impact & Systems Administrator

James Hidds-Monroe

Services Impact Coordinator

Rachel Trujillo

Brand, Communications & Marketing Coordinator

Virgo Villajin

Marketing Specialist