Participant Kelsey’s My First Home Set-Up with Callaway Golf


Callaway Golf and their generous employees went way above and beyond when they furnished Kelsey’s new apartment.  Callaway employees Norman, Lisa, Evelyn, Scott and Lisa arrived early Saturday with a full sized moving truck loaded with furniture so Kelsey had the chance to choose the furniture and decorations she wanted.   After Kelsey chose her items from the truck, everyone helped set up her home. The Callaway crew brought bagels, coffee and made breakfast using Kelsey’s new appliances!

After situating the coffee table, DVD player, TV and TV stand, as well as the dishes, glasses, tupperware, silverware and pots & pans, it was time to go shopping for the additional items Kelsey needed. As the group took Kelsey to multiple stores, she purchased bedding, a bookcase, curtains and artwork. They also purchased a tablecloth and other home décor items to convert Kelsey’s empty apartment into a comfortable home.

The Callaway Golf volunteers and Kelsey went to lunch and then everyone made their way back to Kelsey’s home to set up the bookcase and hang the pictures. In just a matter of hours, Kelsey’s empty apartment was transformed into her own warm, welcoming home where she can relax and get ready for her freshman year at City College.

As the day came to an end, Kelsey said she was exhausted but also filled with gratitude.  In addition to outfitting Kelsey’s digs, Callaway took the remaining items to JIT’s storage facility to be distributed to other deserving youth. Thank you, Callaway, for your dedication to the youth of JIT and for making a difference as part of our caring community!