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Former ‘Foster Youth’ goes on a free Shopping Spree

‘Just in Time for Foster Youth’ helps foster youth move into their first apartments

 By Jeff Zevely, CBS8

SAN DIEGO — Before most young adults move into their first apartment, they go shopping with their parents. But for many of those who grew up in foster care, that’s not an option. 

In this Zevely Zone, I went to Mission Valley to find out more about a program called Just in Time for Foster Youth.

I was met by a young, smiling young man named Emilio Carranza-Davis. At the age of five, Emilio was placed into foster care because it was no longer safe for him to live with his parents.

“Abuse, drugs things like that,” said Emilio, who has three sisters. All four siblings were split up into different homes.

“I went to 15 elementary and middle schools, constantly moving around unsure of what was next,” said Emilio.

He is now 21 years old, and before he moves into his first apartment, Just in Time for Foster Youth is offering him a free shopping spree from their donation warehouse.

“Bed, desk, mattress, cleaning supply shower curtains, towels you name it pretty much I got it,” said Emilio…


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