Spotlight on Danielle


At first Danielle was slightly skeptical about joining Just in Time but she was unhappy with her current job and decided to jump in and possibly find a better one. “I didn’t know what to do for job interviews, my resume wasn’t all that great, and I just knew it could help me,” Danielle humbly shared.  “I’m so happy I took the opportunity to go through Career Horizons!”

Now everything is finally falling into place. “I have a coach who helps me and gives me support and professional guidance and I’ve met a lot of successful women who give me motivation and hope. Career Horizons taught me to have confidence in myself, to speak successfully, and how to dress professionally.”

Just in Time sent Danielle information about an open receptionist position with a law firm in La Jolla. Danielle carefully considered the
opportunity, applied, and got the job an hour after the interview!

“It makes me feel proud of myself. I actually used the skills I learned and got the job on my own.”

Danielle is already dreaming bigger dreams and is considering studying to become a paralegal.