Spotlight on Joseph

Feb 10, 2017 | YOUTH STORIES

Joseph had a double challenge upon leaving the foster care system after 13 years. He struggled along with his peers to find his way without the support he needed to navigate life’s obstacles and he is also legally blind due to retinitis pigmentosa macular degeneration in both eyes, a condition that will eventually lead to complete blindness.

Joseph turned to Just in Time for rental assistance so he could remain in an apartment that accommodated his visual needs. He shared that “I needed resources. I needed a foundation. Just in Time was the support group I needed for stability, knowing I have someone to turn to for advice, resources, opportunities.”

With Basic Needs assistance from JIT, Joseph was able to successfully stay within his budget without having to go into debt, remain in school full time so he didn’t jeopardize the scholarship funds he received through Palomar College, and stay on track to transfer to San Diego State University where he will pursue a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology.

And he’s already giving back with confidence after launching his own nonprofit – the Hearts for Sight Foundation – to help others who are visually impaired meet their basic need to lead healthier lives.