Spotlight on Raul

Feb 10, 2017 | YOUTH STORIES

In his four years with JIT, Raul says he has grown and gained a better understanding how to handle money through countless workshops on loans, tenant leases, investments, and building credit.  In fact, he feels more knowledgeable than most peers his age.

Raul believes, “Being informed about my rights and available resources ensures I won’t be taken advantage of by some individual or corporation. For example, through Financial Fitness, I connected with my Asset Advisor Alex Kaiser who’s been very helpful in multiple ways. When I first met him, I had an auto interest rate of 20% and still owed $281/month for eleven months because I had no credit history at the time of purchase. Alex urged me to send him a copy of the terms and within a week he called to say he’d renegotiated my terms to only 6 more payments of $240 each.”

Raul feels grateful and blessed for the guidance Alex provided and his connection to Financial Fitness.

He now has the confidence and knowledge he needs to build his financial future.