Spotlight on Tiffany

Feb 10, 2017 | YOUTH STORIES

Although Tiffany felt on her own her whole life, it was nothing like what she felt when entering college. She remembers, “I was working three jobs and could not focus on school. I had no safety net at the time and worked tirelessly to make ends meet.”

Even though she graduated high school with a 4.2 GPA and was admitted to SDSU, she was placed on academic probation her first semester and was eventually academically disqualified.  After attending classes at community college to raise her GPA, she was finally able to transfer back.

“When I transferred, I also connected with Just in Time. JIT helped me through monetary crises, enabled me to study abroad, built my confidence, and has offered a network with mentors, leaders, and other youth. JIT has become my safety net and given me a sense of belonging in the San Diego community.”

With her confidence and a support network in place, Tiffany graduated third in her class at SDSU and attends Duke University in pursuit of her Master’s in Public Policy. She’s not on her own any more.