Suzi Leading Storage Days


Suzi got involved with JIT through her church and instantly saw the outstanding goals set for the programs, the dedication of the staff, and the differences the JIT services make in the community. As the lead volunteer at JIT Storage Days, Suzi is there to be a helping hand to make these JIT My First home events as great as they can be for the youth recipients who may be overwhelmed with all the items they can choose from and the graciousness of the volunteers. Suzi realizes many of the participants have not been handed so many items of their specific choosing before, nor do many of the youth recipients know everything they will need to fully equip their first home.

Adding a compassionate touch to everyone’s individual experience, Suzi ensures every Storage Day is meaningful and memorable, by asking what designs the youth recipients like or how they picture their home looking. Occasionally taken back when youth ask “why do you care”, Suzi knows then the meaning of her time spent working with JIT and being at Storage Days. Moments like these truly show how meaningful her time is spent with the participants. “Every youth is grateful and gracious for the opportunity to be a part of storage day. I want everyone to feel comfortable in their home and make sure the storage day experience is fun, not overwhelming. Every Storage Day reminds me how impactful the JIT volunteers are and I am grateful to be a part of the JIT community.”

-Suzi, JIT Volunteer