Volunteer Spotlight: Marty Goodman


Marty Goodman is an extraordinary volunteer who has been instrumental in Just in Time’s evolution and growth.

From 2014-2017, Marty led a team of high-level professionals from San Diego Social Venture Partners who assisted JIT with all aspects of nonprofit management, including Development, Governance, Impact Measurements, H.R., and Service Innovation.

Fully immersed as a volunteer, Marty became a College Bound volunteer and was paired with Sal, a new JIT participant who was just entering SDSU as a freshman. Not only did Marty serve as Sal’s mentor, he made it possible for Sal to study abroad and even visited him in Germany. He hired Sal to work for him part-time and then guided Sal in getting his real estate license. When it was time for Sal to get his first car, Marty stepped in, and as Sal tells us “Marty, my coach and now my friend, taught me how much of an investment a vehicle really is and what is needed to research and budget for one. Now that I have a vehicle, I feel blessed…I am more independent and empowered!”

Seeing the challenges around credit scores, insurance, and car purchases, Marty researched, established, and funded an affordable car loan program for JIT participants. He also joined the JIT Board in 2016,  giving JIT the benefit of his strategic and entrepreneurial skills. As Development Chair, he was immensely helpful with fundraising and networking.

Never one to say no, Marty was always happy and willing to share his skills. He has presented the $5 Challenge at JIT’s College Bound event multiple times, held “Mondays with Marty” sessions on basic money management, and led his Shark Tank coachee Brianna to a second place win at Pathways to Financial Power.

If you were to look up the definition of a volunteer who wholeheartedly contributes his time, treasure, and talent, we believe it should say: Marty Goodman.