We’re (Still) Here… Just in Time!


I’m a staff member at Just in Time. But I’m also a mother, a sister, a daughter, and a college student, trying to weather this COVID-19 storm without an umbrella. 

And as such, I have so many questions racing through my mind: How do I protect myself and keep my space clean when stores are out of disinfectant products? How will I feed my family or pay my bills if I lose any more work hours or run out of savings? How will I succeed in school this semester online with limited access to tutoring or in-person instruction? How will I prevent my children from falling behind in reading and math while they’re out of school? How can I cope with my anxiety and depression in a healthy way when the gym, the beach, and friendly gatherings are all banned right now!?!?!? AAAAHHHHHHHH!?!?

And I know I’m not alone because the JIT staff has been calling hundreds of JIT participants and they’re hearing the same concerns: loss of employment and increased anxiety. This pandemic can have big consequences when you rely on your next paycheck for necessities, like job insecurity and financial instability. Things like school closures and lack of childcare compound the situation for working parents like me.

More than ever, I’m making use of the tools I learned in Rise to Resilience. Tools to monitor my mental health and lessen emotional triggers and toxic stress. I’m paying more attention now to what I eat, staying in shape, getting enough sleep, appreciating the people who give me joy and strength, and staying clear of those who don’t. But most important I’m focusing on what I can do to stay in a positive frame of mind.

Here’s my daily checklist… I hope it’ll help you too because I believe the way we’re going to get through this is if we do it together!

  • • Remember to breathe
  • • Focus on the good (there’s always something!)
  • • Acknowledge and accept the changes
  • • Be resourceful with what I have
  • • Create/adjust your routine as needed
  • • Try to help someone else who is struggling
  • • Stay connected (from 6 feet away) with the most positive person I can find!
  • • Reminder: don’t forget to breathe!

 Let’s get through this together!