College Bound

College Bound offers youth enrolled in two-year or four-year educational programs the resources, technology, tools, connections, and encouragement to succeed in college and beyond.

How Does It Work?

During our College Bound event, youth receive everything they need to start the school year off successfully: a laptop and printer, ink cartridges, a shopping spree for school and dorm supplies, and a personal coach to help guide them along their college journey! They also get to network, gain insights from professionals on topics such as saving and money management, hear from past College Bound participants about their journeys, and engage with a panel of graduates regarding what to expect in the years ahead.

All College Bound participants are also eligible to receive Learning to Succeed support to help overcome obstacles along the way. Learning to Succeed focuses on five key priorities to keep students enrolled and engaged all the way to graduation: stable housing (rent assistance for those not residing in dorms), academic confidence (tutoring and help with academic expenses), hard time working and going to school (access to jobs, income supplements, and financial literacy training), access to reliable transportation (bus/trolley passes, gas cards, access to low interest auto loans), and connections to a strong network of peer and adult support.


To participate in College Bound, you must:

  • Be a current or former foster youth between ages 18-26
  • Be enrolled in a two-year or four-year college program
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher from high school or previous college studies
  • Be available to attend a College Bound event in June

How Do I Join?

The annual College Bound event happens in June, but inquiries are welcome year-round. Click here to fill out our College Bound interest form, or contact our Youth Services team at 760-505-6647 or youthservices@jitfosteryouth.org to get started.


No educational goal should be out of reach. That’s why JIT offers students interested in pursuing Master’s programs and other postgraduate studies the opportunity to continue their educational journey through Master Your Dream scholarships and resources.

How Does It Work?

Master Your Dream sponsors help us provide financial support and other resources to participants enrolled in or accepted to accredited not-for-profit university graduate schools. Each student who is accepted into Master Your Dream is eligible to receive $3,000 in scholarship funds per academic year.


To be eligible for Master Your Dream, you must:

  • Be a former or current foster youth
  • Be enrolled in or accepted to a postgraduate program
  • Stay enrolled for the entire duration of your postgraduate studies and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Submit transcripts and testimonials as needed

How Do I Join?

If you are interested in Master Your Dream, please contact our Youth Services team at youthservices@jitfosteryouth.org or 760-505-6647.


At Just in Time, we do not believe that transition age foster youth should miss out on all the opportunities that other students have. That’s why we created the JIT Study Abroad service.

JIT Study Abroad helps participants understand how traveling abroad can fit within their academic and career plans. It also removes potential barriers by providing participants with the key support they need – before, during, and after their travels – to completely experience another culture as they learn and grow personally and professionally.

 How Does It Work?

JIT Study Abroad provides Just in Time participants holistic support before, during, and after their study abroad travels. Study Abroad participants receive financial support to help relieve the monetary pressure of studying overseas, coaching from a volunteer who has been to the location(s) youth wish to travel to, ongoing emotional and mental health support from JIT staff and coaches, and much more.

The amount of monetary support each participant is eligible to receive varies depending on their need, the duration of their trip, and the amount they can contribute to a matching funds program. Each participant must contribute matching funds to the amount they request for their Study Abroad scholarship. For example, if a student is applying for support during a one-year trip, they are eligible to receive $1,000 from JIT if they match it with $1,000 from their savings.


To participate in our Study Abroad service, you must:

  • Be an active Just in Time participant
  • Be attending a 2- or 4-year college
  • Have a checking and savings account established
  • Have a reliable source of income (work, AB12, scholarships, etc.)
  • Be on track to graduate and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Complete a brief Study Abroad curriculum
  • Maintain consistent communication with the Study Abroad coach you are paired with to prepare for your trip

How Do I Join?

If you are interested in our Study Abroad service, please our Youth Services team at 760-505-6647 or youthservices@jitfosteryouth.org.


Internships are a great opportunity to gain experiential learning and get a feeling of what it’s like to work in a specific field. They are also commonly required for certain majors and career fields. The challenge is that internships are usually unpaid or do not meet the financial needs of a young adult who is supporting themselves. Just in Time’s JITernships bridge the financial gap by providing monetary support during a low or no-pay internship period.

  How Does It Work?

JITernships provide financial assistance to help participants with their living expenses while they work an unpaid or low-paying internship. Participants work with JIT staff on a budget and plan to determine how much support may be provided and how it will be allocated. The financial needs of each participant are taken into consideration as well as the length of the internship, with a cap of $3,000 for a year-long internship. Funds are dispersed on a bi-weekly basis once a participant is officially accepted into their internship.


To apply for a JITernship, you must:

  • Be accepted to an internship that does not meet your financial needs
  • Be enrolled part-time or full-time in a college institution
  • Submit a description of the internship from the employer
  • Be able to present pay stubs, a monthly budget, rent/bill statements, and a personal statement
  • We willing to provide updates about your progress every two weeks

How Do I Join?

To find out if you qualify for a JITernship, you must fill out an application that includes a resume, transcripts, letter confirming that the internship is unpaid or low-paying, monthly budget, and essay. Please contact Youth Services at youthservices@jitfosteryouth.org to learn more.