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Pathways to Financial Power promotes work readiness and strategies that help participants obtain and sustain meaningful employment, along with learning smart money management.

Through a series of workshops and events, participants build the skills and gain the resources needed to succeed professionally. Recently, we launched NEXTjobs (New, Entrepreneurship, X/Unknown, Trades) as part of our Pathways service. NEXTjobs is designed to provide the training, connections, and ongoing support to help participants to be competitive and successful in the modern job market.


How Does It Work?

Pathways to Financial Power helps transition age foster youth focus on their passions, explore different employment options, increase self-sufficiency, and learn the skills needed to become financially secure. Through resume and cover letter building, networking, financial literacy, computer and technology skills, and one-on-one connections with San Diego professionals, youth enhance their personal, professional, and financial skills. Participants also have opportunities to increase confidence and self-sufficiency through partnerships within the San Diego community.

Pathways is a rolling cohort service that consists of targeted professional workshops, networking events, and much more. Workshops focus on topics such as effective resumes and cover letters, building an online presence, finding your strengths, interviewing, Microsoft Office, and professional dress and behavior.

The service culminates with the annual Pathways to Financial Power conference, where participants launch their professional journeys with expert speakers, a budgeting simulation at Junior Achievement of San Diego, networking opportunities, a “Shark Tank” inspired entrepreneurial competition, a passion/career exploration fair, and more!

Additionally, the NEXTjobs component of our Pathways service expands on basic job training/readiness through strategies that address the changing employment ecosystem.

NEXT stands for:

  • New: readiness for first jobs, better jobs
  • Entrepreneurship: building capacity for self-employment
  • X/Unknown: training for the emerging jobs of the future
  • Trades: access to well-paying jobs like electrical, construction, etc.

Through NEXTjobs, JIT is working to encourage a skills-based, growth mindset for youth and employers that will emphasize continuous training at a time when most traditional skills increasingly have an expiration date. We will meet the needs of employers by going beyond college education as a qualifier to expand the pool of eligible applicants to include youth with the technical and “soft” skills needed to do the job required.


To apply for Pathways to Financial Power, you must:

  • Be in school or seeking stable employment
  • Be concurrently enrolled in Financial Fitness 101 or 102

How Do I Join?

Pathways is open to new participants from January to July, but inquiries are welcome at any time. Click here to apply. Call or text 760-505-6647 for the password.

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