Money Management

The intention of our three-part Financial Fitness series is to meet each participant where they are at in their financial understanding, create individualized goals, and provide opportunities for them to strengthen their financial health. Through the series, participants will improve their financial literacy and mindset around money, acquiring tools that will be relevant and helpful along their life journeys. 

Financial Fitness 101

Financial Fitness 101 teaches transition age foster youth basic financial knowledge and helps them establish healthy money habits.

How Does It Work?

We understand that our participants are working hard to become financially independent and able to rely on themselves to address their financial needs and overcome moments of crisis. Financial Fitness 101 was created to support participants in achieving financial stability. 

Financial Fitness 101 participants will: 

  1. 1.  Be paired with a coach to support them in creating a financial action plan  
  2. 2. Learn and practice making informed, healthy decisions with their money 
  3. 3. Acquire necessary knowledge and tools such as banking, budgeting, and saving consistently 


To join Financial Fitness 101, you must:

  • Be a former/current foster youth between the ages of 18-26
  • Demonstrate productivity such as working and/or going to school, OR actively making strides toward doing so

  • Meet and communicate regularly with a paired financial coach and our JIT Financial Fitness Coordinator

  • Commit to saving on a monthly basis

How Do I Join?

Financial Fitness 101 is available throughout the year and is open to all Just in Time participants. If you are interested, you are welcome to reach out to us at any time! Click the button below to get started.

Financial Fitness 102

Financial Fitness 102 introduces youth to important financial concepts and helps them each establish a rainy day fund.

 How Does It Work?

Financial Fitness 102 is a six-week cohort that introduces participants to key financial concepts such as money management, budgeting skills, building a rainy-day fund, and establishing good credit. Participants attend one workshop a week and are paired with aasset advisor who attends the workshops and provides support.  

As participants add to their savings account, Just in Time will contribute a matched portion to achieve a meaningful rainy day fund.  


To join Financial Fitness 102, you must:

  • Be a former/current foster youth between the ages of 18-26
  • Have a checking and savings account with at least $100 saved
  • Contribute funds into your savings account on a weekly basis throughout the cohort
  • Commit to a sixweek cohort, attending one workshop per week along with completing concurrent activities   

How Do I Join?

Six-week Financial Fitness 102 cohorts occur throughout the year and are open to all JIT youth. Click the button below to apply now.

Financial Fitness 103

Financial Fitness 103 teaches transition age foster youth more advanced financial concepts and helps them diversify their investments.

How Does It Work?

Financial Fitness 103 offers monthly workshops focused on financial topics such as investing, retirement planning, loans, taxes, and smart habits. The intention of Financial Fitness 103 is to have participants expand their investing portfolio, diversify their savings, and make their money work for them. Each participant is paired with an advisor who will coach and guide them throughout the duration of the service. Additionally, eligible participants can receive matched savings of up to $4,500 for their investment accounts!


To join Financial Fitness 103, you must:

  • Be a transition age foster youth between 18 and 26 years old
  • Have a confirmed source of income through working and/or going to school
  • Have at least $250 in your savings account with proof of at least a three-month savings history
  • Be dedicated to saving on a monthly basis and submit confirmation to the Financial Fitness Coordinator 
  • Meet monthly with your assigned asset advisor and work on completing financial goals
  • Commit to attending workshops regularly

How Do I Join?

Financial Fitness 103 is an ongoing service which youth are invited to join at any time throughout the year. To apply, please click the button below.

Current Participants

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